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The Forza is the perfect home safe or office safe to provide you the sense of security knowing you have a place that is private, secure, and only yours. It's the right size to store valuables such as documents, jewelry, heirlooms, flash drives, photos and more.


Exterior: ​16" H x 18" W x 16" D

Interior: 12" H x 14 5/8" W x 10.5" D

 Weight: 130 Lbs.

Benefits & Features

1. Out of sight, out of mind.  Concealed hinges are highly resistant to an attack.

2. Unique proprietary bolt design provides a unibody construction. The door becomes one with the safe. 

3. Environmentally-friendly powder coating process provides a lasting and durable exterior.

4. To prevent theft of the safe, anchor holes and anchors are provided.

5. Stainess steel fascia panel presents an attractive, yet durable surface.

6. UL rated lock provides global class protection against unauthorized access.

7. Removable interior shelf allows for flexibility to store your assets.

8. Commercial design and quality. A smaller version of a safe a professional jeweler would own.

9. Fire-tested for 30+ minutes and documents remained unscathed. 

*Installation is not included. Please reach out to Rolland Solutions to schedule a technician to install your safe once it's been delivered. You can also install the safe yourself using the provided anchoring bolts. Instructions available on the support page

Each Forza is individually hand crafted using the highest quality materials and processes.





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